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So what's the story?


Nifty Media was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team - Sarah & Bobby - with the aim of helping small businesses fullfil their online potential. Providing a comprehensive range of web services to clients who are either too busy focusing on their core competence or lacking the required skills to not just get online but to make an impact once they get there.


Sarah uses her experiences as a newspaper journalist, blogger and social media lover to write & deliver engaging and entertaining content to a wide variety of audiences. Sarah loves to create popular and captivating articles for web and digital and helping businesses deliver an effective online presence through great content.


Bobby worked in the license trade for over a decade where he gained an extensive experience of the daily challenges experienced by small businesses. In 2004, looking for a new challenge and early nights he retrained in IT and became an IT Manager for a small business in 2006. In his time in the role, he delivered a range of IT and Web solutions that reduced costs, increased business productivity and allowed the company to develop and grow. It is these experiences that he uses to help other businesses reach their full potential.


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